Strategy to Destroy ISIS and Eradicate Radical Islam

Thanks for checking out the inaugural installment of the Swandog Blog. I’ll be blogging daily about ISIS, radical Islam, and what Team Swandog is building up and training to do about the whole situation. This first blog is going to be a rather long one, because I am going to lay out exactly where the politicians and the news media are going wrong in their discussions, exactly why the strategy of the last 13+ years has not only failed but resulted in the rapid growth of radical Islam, and why our strategy for the destruction of ISIS and the eradication of radical fundamentalist Islam can and will succeed.

The primary failure of the last 13 years and change, and the primary failure of the news media and the politicians – and to a great extent the military – today is a failure of imagination. It’s a severe deficiency in creativity. Nobody has the ability to think outside the box, and, to be honest, the farther outside the box ISIS goes with their terror, the further inside the box we retreat with our knee-jerk responsive thinking. The more unconventional ISIS becomes, the more conventional and unimaginative we become with our response. ISIS ratchets up the atrocity … we get stupid. It’s that simple.

The News Media do not discuss the problem of what can be done in terms of all available options. No, they are very inside-the-box thinkers. They discuss what the government / Obama is or is not doing and what they should or should not be doing. The narrow-mindedness astounds me. In the early going, the media lauded these few Americans that have gone over to fight alongside the Kurds. Now all they want to talk about is the politics of it all, and a group building and training a 3,000-strong fighting force to engage ISIS is ignored. When they do have a military or strategic expert on to talk about what kind of strategy is needed, they are always very narrow-minded in their approach. They are unable to think outside the box and see other options other than political and conventional military action. The lack of creativity, imagination, open-mindedness, and broad-mindedness is truly disheartening.

Where we have gone wrong with the strategy of the last 13+ years is we look at this as a war which can be won by conventional military action. We have had limited success in the short run,and in the long run, our strategy has created five times the number of extremists as it has killed. It is a strategy of large-scale occupations and massive air campaigns,and it appears to the other side that the primary component of our definition of victory is the flattening of cities. Just look at Kobani, for example. When we stage these large-scale invasions and occupations and massive air campaigns, we create more extremists than we kill.

So, why, then, do we stage these large-scale conventional invasions and massive and very destructive air campaigns against irregular forces? Because we’re stupid. Because we have lost the ability to think unconventionally. We have a severe deficiency in creativity and imagination, and we have lost the ability to learn from history or to even recognize when a strategy isn’t working. We also have forgotten the first rule of warfare. We do not know our enemy. We do not understand why they fight, and we certainly don’t get it that the manner in which we prosecute this war only inflames passions among the Islamic world and creates more extremists. What we perceive as victories for us they perceive as casus belli and, in many cases, as more victories for them than victories for us.

Team Swandog has a strategy to eradicate radical Islam, and it begins with ISIS. If there is hope of success, any strategy to eradicate radical Islam must have the following qualities:

  • It must be based in a sound knowledge of the enemy, why they fight, and what radicalizes them
  • It must be unconventional in the extreme, compared to current warfare
  • It must begin by destroying the ideology’s marquee name – ISIS

Team Swandog’s strategy has all those qualities. We understand why they fight, and we know what will erode their will to fight. We know how to undermine their legitimacy. This is why we will take an extremely unconventional approach to destroying the enemy and eradicating the ideology.

We will use a small unconventional force of highly-trained warriors – no more than 3,000 in theater at any time. We’ll hardly be noticed in the communities and will not stir up the resentment that a large invasion and occupation is sure to do. We will employ unconventional warfare disciplines and small unit tactics to attrit the enemy day after day. We will keep relentless pressure on them, restricting their ability to maneuver, cut their supply lines, erode their morale, frustrate their recruiting, and undermine their legitimacy. I know I am short on specifics, but I have to be. I am not going to give away the play book to the enemy. Just understand that we have learned from the OSS, the French Resistance, the Viet Cong, and so on. We also have a high level of creativity on our own and are developing new tactics every day. A small force can be incredibly effective against a larger force if the right tactics are employed and the strategy remains flexible. Our force will be extremely mobile, impossible to find, and quick to seize opportunities to harass and kill the enemy. We will constantly change our tactics to keep the enemy guessing what we will do next and where. We will fight smarter than they are capable of, use more creativity and imagination than they could dream of, and destroy them outright in the end.

Nothing can have such a deleterious effect on the ideology as a whole as the utter destruction of its marquee name at the hands of an infidel force much inferior in number. Every loss to Team Swandog will serve to greatly erode morale across the ideology, frustrate recruiting, and undermine the legitimacy of the cause as a whole. How can Allah be on your side if he is allowing you to be defeated by a tiny infidel force? What is attractive about a losing cause? With ISIS defeated, we move on to the next group and give them the same treatment. In time, recruiting will be next to impossible, because Allah will have run out of virgins. As groups are defeated, others will wither on the vine. No new groups will spring up, either, because the ideology will have lost its legitimacy.

We don’t have to level cities and kick in doors and do all the other conventional things that only inflame the passions of those who are readily radicalized. There are other ways to win. We just have to be creative enough to see them and smart enough to take advantage of them. Why do we fall into this trap of thinking what we know and what we do is all there is? How can we be so arrogant?

Even if people do consider the possibility of unconventional warfare, they only consider it within the confines of having the military adapt itself to the strategy and having Obama adopt it as well, neither of which will ever happen. Even with a number of Americans individually going to fight ISIS alongside the Kurds, nobody has had the creativity and broad-mindedness to contemplate citizens organizing and training and forming a militia to go and do what the governments in this world are unwilling or unable to do – destroy ISIS and then move on to the next group, which will be weakened by the destruction of ISIS.

Enter Team Swandog. We are building up a force strong enough to keep 3,000 highly trained elite warriors in the field at all times. We are recruiting primarily former CIA and special operations types but also former regular military who we can provide elite-level training in unconventional warfare. Because a state of war exists between the United States and ISIS, any American can go and legally fight them. There is no federal law against it organizing into a militia and killing the enemy when the government refuses to. The people always have the right to defend themselves against an enemy with which they are at war, and an organized militia doing so is recognized under the laws of war.

ISIS will be destroyed, and radical Islam will be eradicated, but it will not be done by gutless politicians with character deficits. It will be done by the people legally fighting an enemy with which we are at war.

With this force, we can destroy ISIS swiftly. If we achieve $10 Billion in funding, we will destroy ISIS in 24 months or less. If we receive $20 Billion in funding, we will do it in 9 months. Greater funding allows not only for a much higher operational tempo but for more intense psychological operations as well, which will result in a much quicker victory. Properly funded, there is no reason we cannot eradicate this ideology within a decade. We look to individuals and churches for funding, and those fundraising campaigns should bring in close to $50 Million in the next few weeks. That’s obviously not enough, so we are looking to patriotic big business who have interests in seeing this blight removed from the planet as well as moderate governments in the area who also have interests in seeing ISIS destroyed. Seriously, how many moderate governments and freedom-loving multi-billion-dollar corporations will it take to destroy ISIS and be on the road to eradicating radical Islam? Surprisingly few.

The choice is clear: Trillions of dollars and untold decades of war to end up in the same position we’re in now or even worse … or … try a new and creative and unconventional approach – forget relying on the government to grow a brain, unite, and get the job done on our own.