The Private Sector Solution to #ISIS & Radical Fundamentalist Islam – Including Iran

I have written before on how Islamic State (IS) terror has caused the world to go stupid.  I am still convinced that is the case.  I have seen nothing to even suggest otherwise.  I see no glimmer of hope unless we wake up, pull our heads out of the sand, and see reality for what it is.  It seems that in the face of this terrorist entity we have lost all creativity and all ability to conduct critical analysis.  We have lost the ability to think unconventionally on this subject, and that will be our undoing.

We retreat to the comfort of the conventional and eschew the unconventional when we should be doing the exact opposite.  We act as if conventional thought is some sort of magic security blanket that will somehow protect us from evil.  We reject out of hand as pure insanity any line of thought that isn’t inextricably woven into the fabric of that magic security blanket of conventional thought.  I have previously discussed how we retreat into conventional thought on our tactics and strategy to destroy IS, and I will not revisit all of that here.  This entry will discuss an additional and very dangerous way in which we retreat into conventional thought.

A lot of us look for private sector solutions to everything from prisons to healthcare to the economy, but we are stupefied when it comes to IS.  We retreat deep into conventional thought and buy into the idea that Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophant generals have and should have a monopoly on dealing with IS.  That is a dangerous idea.  If the government shouldn’t have a monopoly on these other things, why should it have a monopoly on dealing with IS?  If the private sector can come up with and implement better solutions for a whole host of other problems.  Why not IS?  Nobody can answer that or even give the question any serious thought, because it isn’t woven into the fabric of the security blanket of conventional thought that will surely protect the world from all manner of evil.

The fact is that the private sector can and indeed has come up with a better strategy for destroying IS and eradicating radical fundamentalist Islam, and the private sector is funding and implementing it.  I am talking about Team Swandog’s strategy and operations against IS.  Team Swandog is entirely private sector funded, and our strategy is better for a number of reasons.

First, our strategy is the only one that understands what it is that radicalizes these groups and fighters and why they continue to fight us.  Our strategy is the only one that gets why it is that, after 13 years of piling up tactical victory after tactical victory, radical fundamentalist Islam and its militant groups have grown twenty-fold.  Because we get this, our strategy is the only one that can kill off the radicals without creating exponentially more in the process.

Second, our strategy is the least destructive and results in the fewest noncombatant deaths.  Our strategy doesn’t level cities, and noncombatants are far less likely to be caught up in our style of guerrilla warfare.

Third, our strategy results in the fewest casualties on our side.  Because our tactics all involve us having the ability to choose when and where we fight, we will never fight when we don’t have an extreme advantage and therefore will suffer far fewer casualties than a large conventional force fighting both on the enemy’s ground and on the enemy’s terms.

Fourth, our strategy is far and away the cheapest.  A decades-long war to destroy IS alone, not even getting into the eradication of radical fundamentalist Islam, will cost many hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions.  We can destroy IS in 9 months of operations for $20B, and these are not taxpayer dollars.  They are dollars invested by big business, small businesses, and churches in the security of our future as a free nation.  Where there has been no strategy advanced to eradicate radical fundamentalist Islam, any conventional strategy advanced would certainly cost trillions if not tens of trillions and take decades if not tens of decades.  Our strategy can do it for $100B to $150B in just five or six years.

Fifth, our strategy is the best answer to Iran.  That’s right … Iran.  Iran is radical fundamentalist Islam, and understanding this as well as their shia sectarianism allows us to formulate a strategy for them.  I have repeatedly stated that our strategy is not just one to destroy IS but to eradicate radical fundamentalist Islam.  Our strategy will result in the collapse of the ideology worldwide, including in Iran, and it is a far better alternative to letting them get a nuke or going to war with them.  We will do this by undermining the legitimacy of the ideology as a whole as described in previous posts and taking other actions.  Once you have undermined the legitimacy of a regime, you can very easily and cheaply engineer its collapse.  Yes, our strategy to eradicate radical fundamentalist Islam includes a plan to collapse the Iranian regime, and it can and should be done by the private sector.

So, there is indeed a private sector solution to the Islamic State and radical fundamentalist Islam.  It is the most informed, most creative, and most thoughtful strategy, and it cannot fail, because it is based on sound principles of psychology, sociology, and unconventional warfare, employs a thorough knowledge of radical fundamentalist Islam, and it isn’t beholden to the whim and caprice of any political body – only to the future of America as a free nation.