The War with #ISIS IS a Religious War!

Like it or not, the United States is in a religious war.  We are a country that has prided itself on our freedom of religion and the fact that we don’t fight religious wars.  Until now, this country has not fought a religious war, but it’s time we change our way of thinking from “we don’t fight religious wars” to “we don’t start religious wars.”

We have had – or at least our elected leaders have had – this incredibly arrogant stance toward the Islamic State (IS).  For the longest time, we refused to admit that we were indeed at war with IS.  It was if there can be no war unless it is agreed to by both sides.  How arrogant to think that you don’t have to be at war if you simply choose not to be!  Your enemy has a lot to say about that, you Know?  When war is declared on you, you are at war whether you like it or not.  The aggressor party is the one who decides if there is a war or not.

Similarly, it is the party making the war which sets the character of the war.  If the aggressor party is a totalitarian theocracy which fights in the name of its religion and its god, it’s a religious war.  Both sides do not have to agree to make it one for it to be one.  When the aggressor party declares its intention to subjugate the defending party under its religion and declares the prominent religion in the defending country its number one enemy, you have a religious war on your hands.  You can’t just opt out because you “don’t fight religious wars.”  When you find yourself in a religious war levied against you by a fanatical enemy, you cannot hope to win unless you fight it as a religious war.  When you acknowledge the religious nature of the war and the religious drivers of your enemy’s psyche, you can work to win the war by undermining the legitimacy of your enemy’s ideology.  If you refuse to acknowledge this, everything you do will play into the hands of the enemy.

The U.S. is drowning in an ocean of P.C. B.S. If we are to have hope of continuing as a free nation much longer, we must snap out of it and realize the nature of the war and the enemy and dispatch that enemy swiftly to Hell!


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