#ISIS: a Wolf by Any Other Name …


I love this cartoon!  It says exactly what needs to be said about our President.  I don’t know where it came from, but it is being tweeted about and posted on various websites.  It’s just awesome … and oh so true!  Apparently, a duck is not a duck unless the president says it’s a duck.  It can walk like a duck, quack like a duck, think it’s a duck, call itself a duck, have 100% duck DNA, and leave duck shit all over the place, but unless Obama says it’s a duck, it’s not a duck.  If he says it’s not a duck, we’re stupid to believe it is, no matter how much evidence there is that it’s a duck.  No matter how much evidence there is that the Islamic State is Islamic and is a state, we are stupid and have no knowledge of Islam or political science if we think it is either.  The really astounding thing is that there are so many people who buy into Obama’s position and applaud him for it.  We will get to just why that is later in this post.  What’s painfully clear is that the President is vehemently refusing to acknowledge the true nature of our enemy.  We cannot formulate a strategy that will result in victory if we refuse to recognize our enemy and figure out what makes them tick.  Obama is never, never, never going to do this.  Whatever his motivation, this President seems bent on a strategy that can only result in American suffering and indeed seems calculated to bring about just that.  If you insist on calling a wolf a poodle, the only result that can come of it is the wolf is going to devour you and your sheep.

What else should we expect from a man who attended a church where the preacher screamed “God damn America” from the pulpit?  Seriously.  No white person running for office would have been able to survive that, but with Obama, the country was so enamored – so utterly infatuated – with the idea of a black president that he was given a pass on many things he shouldn’t have been.  Face it.  We were so eager as a country to prove to the world that we are not racist and are indeed a postracial culture that we twice elected to the Oval Office a man who we knew full well had long attended an America-hating church.  Any white candidate who had even attended one service of an America-Hating church would have been immediately and irrevocably determined to be an America hater, and his disavowing of his preacher’s rhetoric would never have been accepted as genuine.  All rightly so.  Because Obama is black, and because it was, for whatever reason, the most important thing in the world for the United States to elect a black president at that time, we gleefully allowed ourselves to be duped by an America-hating candidate.  We were idiots.  We’re idiots still.  We are not as critical of the man as we should be, because we all fear being labeled as racists.  Well, black, white, or pink with purple polka dots, this President is selling America down the drain, and I believe he may be doing it intentionally.  I just don’t see how an intelligent man could not see that his actions and policies can only result in increasing American peril.  I just don’t see how an intelligent man could believe something when all evidence points to its falsity.  Perhaps he is such an ideologue that any argument or information that does not fit his world view is rejected without analysis and with extreme prejudice, and arguments and information that fit his world view are held up as natural law without analysis of any kind.  Perhaps much worse.  Only time will tell.  Whatever the undercurrents may be, this President clearly hates America.

President Obama has given aid and comfort to the enemy.  I couldn’t have said it more plainly.  He has done so by announcing to the enemy that there is an expiration date on American resolve … about three years from now.  The radical fundamentalist Islamic ideology which drives the enemy was born out of the Crusades, for crying out loud!  Nobody has more strategic patience than these people.  Three years is but the blink of an eye to them.  They are right now formulating a strategy to make us think we’ve won in three years or at least had enough effect that we can declare victory.  Then they make their move.  Why can we not see that.  In addition, the military has seen fit to publicly divulge significantly detailed battle plans for retaking Mosul.  It matters not that the plans were pretty idiotic in the first place.  Giving out that information only provided aid and comfort to the enemy.  I would not be surprised to learn that this was done at the direction of the President.

So, we find ourselves in a situation where people applaud policies that are idiotic to any clear-thinking person.  The sheep are applauding the policy of declaring the wolf to be a poodle – of declaring that the media has exaggerated the threat form the Islamic State and of holding the terror threat from “right wing extremists” to be equal to or greater than that from the Islamic State.  All of this is bad.  It’s terrible.  I have explained here how this strategy can only fail.  However, not all Americans are sheep blinded by their infatuation with the idea of having a black president.  Some Americans realize that we do not have to rely on this America-hating president for our safety and security.  Some Americans realize that we have the natural right to defend ourselves when war has been declared on us.  These Americans are joining Team Swandog as operators who will be doing their part to destroy the Islamic state as soon as possible.  They are volunteering noncombat services such as fundraising and logistics management.  They are supporting Team Swandog financially.  Some Americans know that no president can keep us from destroying an enemy that has declared war on us and announced its intention to subjugate us all.  Be one of those Americans, and come aboard with Team Swandog so we can destroy the Islamic State before they make us part of it.



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