Why ISIS IS Your Problem & Why the Problem IS Urgent

Okay, so blogging daily may be a little problematic given the demands and the unpredictability of recruiting, funding, and training a force of 3,000 to fight against and destroy ISIS.  How about most days?  That is all I can promise and live up to at this point.

I am sick to death of hearing people say ISIS is not their problem, like ISIS is only the problem of the Middle East.  Why is it that nobody who has sworn to kill us and take over our country is our problem until they actually kill a few thousand of us?  Then, suddenly, they’re our problem.  We should be reticent to go to war, but we shouldn’t carry that so far that we become blind to viable threats against our existence and too weak of constitution to do what is necessary to handle the threats.  Why do we always underestimate the severity of the threats against us?  Does Hitler ring a bell?  Why is there this tendency to downplay any bad situation and just hope that it will simply go away if we ignore it long enough or that the countries in the region will handle it?  Has that ever happened in the history of the world?

ISIS IS your problem!  ISIS is the problem of anyone who loves the freedom to do anything other than worship Allah and behead people in his name.  ISIS is clearly bent on world domination and the imposition of a global caliphate.  What about that do people not understand?  Why am I called an alarmist when I talk about the dangers of this group that has explicitly threatened the existence of the United States, has grown 10-fold in number in a year,and continues to rapidly expand its territory and sphere of influence while we bomb them?  Why do we always take the mentality of a big bruiser threatened by a scrawny kid and then find out the hard way that the kid has a black belt in five martial arts?  I guess it’s just institutionalized arrogance.  It’s time for it to stop and for us to use some common sense.

ISIS has made itself your problem whether you want them to be or not.  Stop acting like both sides have to agree to go to war before there can be a war!  Far too common is the supremely idiotic notion that there can be no fight if we refuse to fight.  There will still be a fight.  We will just lose.  Whether you take them seriously or not, ISIS is coming for you.  In fact, they would prefer you not take them seriously.  It makes their job of killing or subjugating you much easier.

ISIS will not be contained by the Middle East – even with a U.S.-led bombing campaign.  Thinking the local powers can handle it is a pipe dream, and they are spreading beyond the Middle East already, anyway.  They are my problem and your problem and everyone else’s problem.

ISIS is also an urgent problem.  Have you seen how fast they have grown?  They are now in countries outside the Middle East and have carried out attacks in Europe.  They are truly growing at an alarming rate, thanks to our strategy, which only creates more extremists than it kills. We MUST kill them now, or it won’t be long before they make us pay.  You want to destroy your enemy when it is at its weakest.  It is urgent that we destroy ISIS now, because the bigger and stronger they get, the more money and American lives it will take to do the job and the more likely we will be fighting on our own soil.


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